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The Discord invite's expired.


Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link!


This is really cool! I want to use this but I'm worried it'll be really time consuming to convert all the assets in my game. Having a command line interface would be amazing where I could just do something like:

`scalenx.exe my-image.png 4`

Then I could automate on all the pngs in my assets folder rather than pulling them all in one-by-one.

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. The New version supports multiple textures, but no CLI interface for now. ScaleNX uses a shader to do the effect, and afaik this cannot be done without opening a window. Perhaps the CLI interface could open the ScaleNX window hidden, do the job, and auto-close. I’ll investigate on this.

Thanks for the response! Even if it briefly opened a window, did the work, and then closed itself, that would be good enough.

Unrelated question: It says that it's open source but I don't see a link to the sourcecode anywhere? Is it on GitHub somewhere?

oh, why there is no link? i'll add it right now. 


This tool is the most epic thing i’ve ever seen.

10/10 - Agama Labs

Thanks! And we are making some UI/UX improvements that will be published soon!


Very cool! I don't know much about how this stuff works, but the screenshot I tested out kept lookin' good even when I blew it up to a very large size, so it seems like a solid, useful tool.

Just a heads up: The only thing contained in the file is the file. :P

Oh, sorry, Ill fix the upload!

Done! Fixed now, would you try if it works for you?

Thanks a ton for supporting us btw! I really appreciate it.

Everything seems to be in its right place and working as intended now, yes! :) Thank you for making a cool thingymajig like this available! \o|


No problem! And we have some updates coming soon!